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The general rule is that a notice of appeal must be filed in the trial court within 30 days of the judgment entry being appealed.  There are exceptions which could lengthen or shorten this time, so you should consult an attorney or the Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure for your exact situation.


To file an appeal, you will need:


  • A notice of appeal,


  • A completed Praecipe form (if you are requesting a transcript, the Praecipe must be signed by the Court Reporter to assure the transcript has been ordered),


  • A completed Criminal or Civil Docketing Statement form,


  • A file-stamped copy of the judgment entry or judgment entries being appealed, and


  • Deposit for costs and fees in the court of appeals (varies by county).  Contact the clerk of court for the trial court in which your case was decided to determine the filing deposit.  The costs deposit may be waived in certain circumstances.  See Local Rule III for information on when costs are waived.


  • Any other form necessary due to the circumstances of your case (financial disclosure form, affidavit of indigency,  motion for stay of execution of sentence, motion for bail, motion to appoint counsel, motion for leave to file a delayed appeal, etc.)



A sample Notice of Appeal and forms for the Praecipe and Criminal Docketing Statement or Civil Docketing Statement are on this website under the "Rules & Forms" tab.


The rules you must follow in this court are:


1)  Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure

2)  Local Rules of the Seventh Appellate District


These rules are available in any law library or on this website under the “Rules & Forms” tab.


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