Strict adherence to both the Local Rules of the Seventh Appellate District and the Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure is essential.   These rules can also be found in the Ohio Rules of Court.


  • Local Rules of the Seventh District Court of Appeals, effective February 1, 2020 (Searchable PDF)

  • Due to the emergency condition created by the COVID-19 virus, this Court has instituted various emergency policies starting immediately.  Read our "Temporary Order Declaring a Judicial Emergency" below.  Starting today, March 17, 2020, the Court will be "Open with Restrictions" as defined in our order; there will be limited access to our courthouse; hearings for April 2020 are canceled, unless waived by the parties, and will be rescheduled if not waived; filing deadlines (except for notices of appeal) are extended; the COVID-19 emergency can be used as just cause for continuances and extensions (except for notices of appeal); only essential business will be conducted at the courthouse.


3/17/2020 Emergency Judgment Entry of the Seventh District Court of Appeals (click here)


3/20/2020 Amendment 1 to Emergency Orders (click here)


4/15/2020 Amendment 2 to Emergency Orders (click here)


4/15/2020 Amendment 3 to Emergency Orders (click here)








The following "Forms" are provided in different formats (Word, PDF and a PDF Fillable Form).  Click on "Word", "PDF" or "PDF Fillable Form" to obtain the needed format.


  • Notice of Appeal (Word) (PDF)

  • Praecipe (Word) (PDF), effective February 1, 2020

  •  Docketing Statement

    • Civil Docketing Statement (Word) (PDF), effective February 1, 2020

    • Criminal Docketing Statement (Word)(PDF), effective February 1, 2020

  • Affidavit of Indigency (Word) (PDF)

  • Motion to Extend the Time to File (Record, Transcript, or Brief) (Word)(PDF)

  • ​Motion to Prepare Transcript of Proceedings at State's Expense  (Word) (PDF)

  • Motion to Appoint Counsel (Word) (PDF)

  • Financial Disclosure form (previously entitled Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency(PDF Fillable)

  • Motion, Entry, and Certification for Appointed Counsel Fees, Form OPD-1026R Rev. 11/2019  and Itemized Description of Services (PDF) (PDF Fillable Form) (The Court now requires a detailed itemization of time spent on each case)​ 


  • Attorney Application to be Placed on Appointed Counsel List (Word) (PDF)



You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word to view these forms.  The .PDF file is in Adobe Acrobat® format and may be viewed, printed, and searched using Acrobat Reader®.





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